Premium Independent Wineries Of South Africa

Posted on 1 February 2013 under PIWOSA News


‘Premium Independent Wineries of South Africa’ (PIWOSA) has been launched to raise the profile of Premium South African wine. The collective of like-minded, independent producers aims to bring the world’s attention to the fantastic quality and diversity of premium wines being produced in South Africa.

PIWOSA was formed in January 2013, with the endorsement of industry bodies WOSA (Wines of South Africa), WIETA (Wine Industry Ethical Trade Association) and IPW (Integrated Production of Wine). The group’s ambition is to lead the charge for Premium South African wines internationally. PIWOSA will press ahead with a programme of marketing activities commencing in 2013 in the UK and Scandinavia. Programmes will subsequently be rolled out into other markets including the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and China.

PIWOSA currently comprises 15 largely family owned producer members from across the wine regions of the Western Cape. They are working together to build both presence and understanding of the high quality wines being produced in South Africa today. PIWOSA is self-funded by its members and will be running a sequence of trade and consumer events in the UK from June 3rd – 6th.

PIWOSA Chairman Rollo Gabb, owner of Journey’s End Vineyards, explains: “Together we represent the incredible diversity that is seen across the Premium South African wine industry today. We each portray our own mesoclimates and special soils, while sharing a collective belief in the high potential of our sites and supporting our respective regions.

“South African winemaking has progressed to the point where it competes head on with premium wines from Australia, France, California and New Zealand – offering exceptional quality at very competitive prices. However, Premium South African wine remains hugely under-represented in the on and off trade and we feel there is work to be done, and progress to be made. Through working together, we hope to raise the perception and presence of premium South African wines internationally. This will help to increase the value of South African wine sold worldwide, leading to significant job creation across the South African wine industry.”

PIWOSA Treasurer Alex Dale, Co-Owner of The Winery of Good Hope in Stellenbosch adds: “As individuals and individual wineries, we all have our own particular characteristics but we also share a great deal of common ground through our experience of, and passion for, our wonderful country and its capacity for making world-class wines. As a collective we will work effectively to build wider recognition of South Africa as a producer of fantastic premium wines and in doing so will support the work of WOSA and the industry as a whole.”